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Christmas Music You Don’t Have to Hide

(We’re not really into the festive renditions of Jingle Bells that make you spill your cider.)

Ray Charles The Spirit of Christmas

The Best of BB King Christmas Collection

Blue Christmas Collection

Sarah McLachlan Wintersong

Bing Crosby Christmas Collection


Nina Simone

Everyone should own a little Nina Simone. Born Eunice Kathleen Waymon on February 21, 1933; She was not only a singer, songwriter and pianist, she was and a mother. As my husband and I listened to her, we were both overwhelmed with the amount of soul she expresses through jazz. So much soul, in fact, that it sounds more like the blues. Hearing her is a spiritual experience, not to be taken lightly or listened to casually. I am sure you are aware of her popular hits from Porgy and Bess or perhaps Sinnerman or In the Dark, but have you heard her rendition of House of the Rising Sun, Since I Fell for You, or (my favorite) I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl? (My husband once dedicated and sang Do I Move You? to me at one of his blues concerts. I assure you, the combination of my Mr. Man and Nina Simone was lethal.) You can own and experience her very affordably from anywhere from $10 – $30 an album. I would strongly encourage you to pick her up, buy a nice bottle of wine, hire a babysitter and have an at home concert with your loverman. You can preview some of her music here.