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Simple Dress Dilemma

I was inspired to make my daughters little matching dresses since I had such roaring success with Ophelia’s. It took me several hours and several seams ripped before I turned out this little gem.

It was only when I tried the finished product on Miss Mira that I realized in my attempt to keep any loose ribbons from being a hazard that I had made the straps undeniably the wrong size. The fact that she is a mobile little creature who won’t tolerate “beauty takes pain”-ness-straight-jacket-like-sheath-dress also came to light. Looks like Ophelia’s babydoll just inherited a new dress. As you can see, I also made little shorts, but in my haste to turn them out before the end of naptimes, I forgot to make them diaper sized friendly. Pride goeth before the whatsit? Better luck next time.


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is one of my husbands and my favorite comedians. We found this routine particularly amusing after having our daughter…

Part One:

Part Two: