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Japanese Weekend OK Waistband

I picked up a pair of Japanese Weekend’s OK Waistband slacks at The Storm Cellar about a month ago. Although I was lucky enough to find them on consignment, I’m here to tell you they are worth the full price!! Generally, I have a hard time finding maternity pants that fit,  in the past Gap has been my best bet, but these are oh so comfortable and look great! They do run small and long, though. I’m usually a size 6 maternity pant at Gap, and the Large fit from Japanese Weekend (plus, I have to wear my big girl heels or hem them).


Pacy James

In the process of launching my own etsy shop, I commissioned a seamstress to help me out with the projects that were beyond my sewing capability. Pacy James just created  her own etsy shop featuring her women’s clothing line  (men’s clothes coming this autumn).  Her style is absolutely fantastic and the pricing is very conservative.  Check out her storefront….


Easter Skirts

I’m also in the middle of making Easter skirts for Ophelia and Mira. I’m using a faux Dupioni silk in gold with a sheer embroidered overlay in ivory. We’ll also be attempting to add some volume with eggplant colored tulle underneath it all. Here is little M helping me…


Simple Dress

I’ve been eying those cute pillowcase dresses for sometime. The trouble being that I have yet to find a pillowcase that wouldn’t look like a pillowcase to make a dress out of. Yesterday, I decided to try and make one from scratch. I just found this video on youtube and improvised. The fabric is some my mother in law bought for me at Walmart two years ago to make an apron out of. I have the pattern all cut out, I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet (I’m notorious for starting projects and not finishing them). I just used what was left over (about a half yard) to make this dress.

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review: IO wrap top

I’ve given up on trying to find non-maternity related things to post about here and I’m just going to start writing about all that is on my mind lately – maternity and babies! The first thing that I’m going to do is start a new category for the ol’ blog, and that is the “review” category. I plan to review things (probably mostly maternity/baby things) in an effort to smarten up all your buying for baby!

This is the Isabella Oliver Wrap Around top.
I first fell in love with these shirts when I was pregnant with B, but I couldn’t afford to splurge on them then. In fact, I still can’t afford to splurge on them, but eBay seems to be bursting with some IO products and I was able to get this shirt in the lovely red color at a nice discount, so it was doable. Nothing like indulging in a pricey but beautiful piece of clothing to make you really excited about that new baby bump!
The shirt is basically a little cropped top with really long ties that you end up wrapping all the way around and down your belly. Once you get the hang of wrapping it, it’s not too hard. The deep V neck necessitates a camisole for most occasions, but having the camisole underneath kind of helps hold the shirt in place so it’s not really a bad thing.

First, the good stuff.
This shirt is absolutely perfect for those first “tween” months when your normal shirts may be a bit small but the maternity shirts (unless you get an XS) look like potato sacks. You actually wrap it around your body to fit snugly and so it does a great job of showing off the beginnings of your baby bump. It’s basically made to fit. They come in beautiful colors that will go with just about anything, and it’s the sort of style that you can dress up with a black pencil skirt and stilettos or dress down with a pair of jeans and boots.

Now, the not good stuff.
For a regular retail price of $125, I expected this shirt to be made of some really fantastic fabric. I was a bit disappointed to see that it was a pretty run of the mill knit, and the stitching around the hems wasn’t very well done (but I did buy this shirt slightly used, so it could be a result of laundering and I’ll try not to hold that against the company).

I’m not a particularly long torso-ed person, but the wrap around ties on this shirt are barely long enough to cover my 4-month belly. The ties need to be at least 2′ longer to fully cover the belly and get any kind of nicely hanging bow at the side.

I’m not a fan of having to constantly ask my husband if “there are any holes”. Since the shirt is just wrapped around, you have to keep an eye out for gaps between the wraps, which can happen fairly easily if you do a lot of bending or turning. Wearing the camisole helps to lessen the gapping, but it’s still a little unnerving.

Final thoughts.
If I’d ordered this from the company, I probably would’ve sent it back because in my opinion it’s just not worth $125. But having gotten it at a decent price, I’m relatively satisfied and wear it maybe once every two weeks, mostly for occasions where I really want to look pregnant. So if you can get it on eBay for a good price (or make your own – wouldn’t be hard at all), I recommend it, but otherwise, use your $125 to buy 5 tops on sale at the Gap.


Your Shape

(and mine.) Recently I discovered and I have become a bit of an addict. It’s an online clothing store. The site offers free membership simply for completing your profile. This entails entering in all your body measurements and your style, fit and fabric preferences. Then they will create a “store” just for you with only clothes that meet your criteria (size and preferences). Basically, it takes all the guess work out of shopping on fit and style. They offer high quality and name brand clothing at a fair cost.  Also, they frequently have sales for an extra 30-40% off their sale and clearance products, which makes it possible to get fabulous clothes and unbelievably low prices. Did I mention that shipping is free both ways, too?


cute girls’ clothes

I received a catalogue from Boden USA in the mail today and am now in love with a new clothing line for my daughter. Their clothes are just European enough for me without being quite as over the top as some Hanna Andersson can be (just my taste – sorry to those of you who are in love with H.A.). Their prices are about in line with somewhere like Gymboree, but they have really good sale prices and it looks like their clothes are of a high enough quality to warrant even some of the regular prices. I am in love with this jacket for little B.

Unfortunately, my practical side is going to get the better of me and I will probably order this one in green because it will last longer (wool over velvet) and the style should last longer too, so we could use it for other little girls down the road. And fortunately, B is at the age and size now that I think we could stretch this coat over two winters to really get our money’s worth. Their sweaters are really cute too, as are their shoes. Check it out!