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Samantha Lamb

I stumbled upon this impressive artist. The photographs are so warm and soothing. Very beautiful. It looks like she’ll sell prints upon request.

Little Miss Muffet

As I’m piecing together my daughter’s room, I’ve felt completely bombarded with stupidly juvenile options on the decorating scene. I think it’s very presumptuous of whoever to assume that just because O is 20 months, that she should be surrounded by aesthetic monstrosities (I apologize for all the big words, I just put the kids down for nap and I’m dying for adult conversation. :-)) Who is to say that she can’t appreciate the difference between this:

(Little Miss Muffet, by Lucille Wallace 1958 )

and this:

(Little Miss Muffet, by Arthur Rackham 1867-1939)

I’m sure Wallace’s version would attract a baby’s eye, but a) this art will be going in her bedroom and I want it to be quiet and soothing and b) Rackham isn’t an artist she’s likely to outgrow anytime soon. Because of his obvious attention to intricate detail, it’s a picture you can look at over and over again and never really see it and c) where is that scary spider that frightened Miss Muffet away in Wallace’s depiction?

I appreciate the warmth and the whimsical nature of children’s art and it is in that spirit that I stumbled upon this artist. Although I’m not a big fan of the faerie scene, I do appreciate animals and interesting situations. I especially liked The Beerider and The Maple Tree in Winter. Since her prints are so affordable, I have every intention of buying some. Therefore, supporting art and my toddler’s future aesthetics. (Maybe I’m taking this a bit too seriously?)