Because it is Wednesday

I decided it was time to take a break from winter casseroles, pasta, potato dishes and soups. Tonight, we partied! The best part was, the whole thing was easy to throw together without much preparation. The only thing I had prepared was soaking the garbanzo beans overnight to make hummus. Other then that, it was easy to whip up on the fly.

Easy crustless ranch quiches, fresh fruit with instant banana pudding to dip it in, hotdogs, veggies with hummus, green pea and avocado crostinis, and sparkling apple-grape Martinellis’ for the kids with an added shot of Domaine de Canton for Mommy and Dad.

The Green Pea and Avocado Crostinis called for lime juice and I found out too late that what I thought was a lime  waiting in my produce bowl was actually a lemon. So I ended up substituting the fresh lime juice for 3 tbsp. of sweetened lime juice I had in my fridge. I also added an extra clove of garlic and some more salt. It didn’t taste as good as it did last time, but there were no complaints.




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