super burgers

I have always hated hamburgers, especially homemade ones. Dry, briquette like patties with mediocre condiments and, well, I never even noticed the buns, that’s how interesting I found them. My opinion has changed a bit since we discovered this recipe in Everyday FOOD for feta stuffed BLT burgers. We serve these with the traditional mayo/mustard/ketchup combo because some people (particularly my husband) can’t do without the sauces. One day I will find a sauce to rival Carl’s Jr (I set a high bar, huh?).

Last night we had friends over for dinner and I’d forgotten to buy buns, so I used this recipe from my friend Katie’s food blog. Because we like our burgers big, I used 4 oz portions rather than the recommended 3 oz, and I opted for oil and buttermilk. I think this gave us 10 hamburger buns and I topped some with sesame seeds, some with poppy seeds, and some I left plain. I was quite pleased with how well they turned out.

While I did notice a distinct lack of dry, sauce soaked “bread”, I have to say I wasn’t completely wowed by the change that homemade buns gave to the burgers. The moister, denser bun was nice, but I think next time I will try adding garlic or onion powder or putting onions on top or something. But, the overall effect was great and I think we might want to check our love for bigger burgers. I only made it 2/3 of the way through mine, and I think my husband hurt himself by finishing his.


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