Every Saturday my dad would take all six of us kids out for several hours. He bought us a Big Slurp of sprite to  at 7Eleven and off we went.  Sometimes we fished in the Boise River which ran just outside his shop (he was a carpenter). Other times we walked around a dimly lit warehouse to the sound of an auctioneer bidding off piles and piles of miscellany to crowds of people. When we got home, my mom would have a Barbara Streisand, Pam Mark Hall, or Carly Simon record blaring, the windows were usually open, and the whole house clean with the scent of disinfectant lingering in the fresh air. My mom was in an especially great mood on those days…and now I understand why. Thursdays, Ben’s mom takes the girls to her house.  I get to put the baby down for a nap, turn on my music (without having to worry about my daughters repeating the lyrics), open up my windows and bleach the heck out of the bathroom. I  move the furniture and clean underneath it. I organize the girls closet which always seems to need it and  I wipe down the base boards in the living room and kitchen. I clean out my refridgerator. I wash sheets. I dust! I love Thursdays. It seems funny. You wouldn’t think cleaning would be that fulfilling for a person whose whole life is revolving around taking care and cleaning up after other people (some people of which still poo their pants!). But it is. One of the gifts God gave women is the opportunity to mirror the creation.  He organized by separating earth from water. We organize through folding and putting away clothes. We put structure to the lives of our family just as God brought structure when He created a sun and a moon.  We make our dwelling spaces homes. We create beautiful and delicious foods to enjoy. He created beautiful and delicious foods for us to enjoy. We have been given the tools we need to create our own  family Eden. We can even make life and sustain it.  Isn’t it an honor to be called to this particularly joyful manifestation of God’s nature? I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but being a mom is truely a glory.


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