First Aid in the Kitchen

Note to self: To do not turn on Kitchenaid after combing the  hot boiled potatoes over still nearly frozen stick of butter. It will send molten lava potato shooting all over your kitchen, not to mention, you.

I still have a burn scar from a similar incident about 6 years ago.  When it happened last night, I remembered what someone told me about wrapping the burn in aluminum foil.  I slathered some of that great aloe vera/lidocaine gel all over my left arm before tightly wrapping it up in foil.  Speed is key in this method working properly. It took about an hour of keeping my forearm wrapped, but I knew my makeshift bandage was done working when I could squeeze my arm again without pain. Today there are only a couple minor burn splotches, so  I’d say the foil was a success.


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