pink grapefruit margaritas

I saw this recipe a few weeks ago while perusing my cookbooks and thought it looked very tasty (margaritas+grapefruit=whatsnottolove?). Yesterday I remembered the grapefruit that had been hiding in my fruit bowl for a few days, and decided we needed to make a date. I had to make some adjustments to the original recipe, but I think it turned out pretty well. I would actually even add more grapefruit juice, but I tend to like things on the tart side. So here’s the recipe as I made it last night, and there was some left over that I just left in the shaker and threw in the freezer!

juice from 1/2 of a ruby red grapefruit
juice from 1 rather hard and un-juicy lime
4 ice cubes
1/4 cup orange liqueur (I used the cheap Harlequin stuff, but I’m sure Grand Marnier would be better)
1/4 cup 1800 tequila
2-3 tbsp granulated sugar
extra ice

Combine the grapefruit and lime juices in a cocktail shaker with the ice. Measure the orange liqueur and tequila into a measuring cup and swirl in sugar until it’s somewhat dissolved. Pour into the cocktail shaker and shake. Serve in lowball glasses over a little ice.

Like I said, this was a bit sweet for me, so I think I’ll juice the other half of the grapefruit and add that to the leftover mixture in my freezer for tonight! I might also add a bit of salt, as recommended in the original recipe…

Edited to add: The next night I added the juice from the other half of the grapefruit, along with the juice of half of a big juicy lemon, and another generous splash of tequila (maybe a shy shot?). That was pretty good. Then the next night I poured the rest into a big margarita glass with a pinch of kosher salt at the bottom and that was really really good.


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