Make Believe Bouquet

This is a little bouquet that I made for B for Christmas. She is currently living in the world of make believe and dress-ups, so it seemed appropriate. I got some simple little silk flowers from Michael’s and trimmed off the ends. Then I wrapped the stems with athletic tape (some other fabric-like tape would also work well, or maybe duct tape) and put a cotton ball or two over the sharp wire ends of the stems and taped over that as well to prevent pokes. Then I used lots of hot glue to make the ribbons stay in place! I first wrapped the stems with the pink satin ribbon and secured that and then I twisted the yellow ribbon around, gluing it at all the twists and finally at the big bow. It has held up pretty well over the last few weeks with just a few of the flowers popping off of their plastic stems from time to time. But fortunately they’re silk so it’s super easy to just pop them back on!

Click on the photos for enlargements. Also, would someone like to clue me in on how to add multiple images to a post while still being able to insert text in between them? After I’ve put one image into the post, every time I click on the “insert image” button again it just inserts another one of the images I already have in the post. I was able to put these in with the gallery function, but alas, no in-between text.


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