Yarn Shops

I’ve really gotten into knitting lately. One of the consequences is that I am now very snooty when it comes to my yarn. I pretty much ignore anything with “acrylic” on the label, which means that Michael’s and JoAnn’s are pretty much useless as far as yarn goes for me. Acrylic yarns just seem to pill and get nasty feeling so quickly, and if I’m going to spend hours (or months!) on a project, I want it to last forever. Local yarn shops to the rescue!! In November we got a new shop here in Moscow called the Yarn Underground. It’s small, and it’s underground, but it’s a noble attempt for our little town. I want all you locals to know about it so that you will go there and buy things so they can stick around and build up their inventory. I got some great Frog Tree Meriboo in pink and brown and made a fun little striped hat for B to match her new winter coat. Nice to work with and very cozy for a little girl’s hat.

My second resource is A Grand Yarn up in Spokane. It’s a bit of a drive for us locals, but it’s easy to tack it on to a normal Spokane shopping trip (you can just go south on Bernard to Grand, hit the shop, and then continue south to take Hatch road out of Spokane and hit the Starbucks by Albertson’s for your drive-home-caffeine). This shop is a dream. They have a huge selection of so many lovely things that I just kind of walk around in circles drooling. They also have lots of great examples of projects that are very inspiring. My brilliant husband gave me a gift certificate here for Christmas and I’m very excited to make some fun stuff with their yarn. They have all of the Cascade basics, but then they add some great specialty yarns so you will have a hard time deciding what to use for your next project. There’s also a great little spot for the kiddos to play while you shop. I highly recommend it, but don’t go in if you don’t know what you’re planning to make because otherwise you’ll be tempted to walk out with bags and bags of beautifulness because it’s just all so yummy.


1 Response to “Yarn Shops”

  1. 1 KnitterInPink
    January 14, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Hehe. YAY for yarn-snobbery. I mean…if you’re going to spend ALL that time working with it…it should be darn good yarn and not cheap crap!!!!

    Plus…I’d rather support a local business than a big chain! Yay local stores and good fiber!

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