the paris brest at madeleine’s

We went to brunch this morning at a wonderful little cafe/patisserie called Madeleine’s here in Spokane. It was absolutely amazing. We started with a chocolate eclair, a pepto-pink macaron de Paris for the 4 year old, a brioche cinnamon roll (amazing in and of itself and voted the best in Spokane), and then the paris brest. It was a choux pastry topped with slivered almonds and filled with some amazing sort of cream. Some recipes simply call for whipped cream but the one we had this morning was more like a cross between whipped cream and ice cream. I suppose you could say that it was similar to a cream puff, but about ten times as big (do a google image search for ‘paris brest’ and you’ll see what I mean). The name comes from the 1200 km bicycle race from Paris to Brest and back to Paris. Apparently the pastry was created in honor of the race and shaped like a bicycle wheel. It became very popular with the athletes for two reasons – its amazing flavor and high caloric content! If you ever see one on the menu, you simply must try it.

And if you are ever in Spokane for breakfast, you simply must go to Madeleine’s. Actually, they serve lunch and dinner as well, so you could go then too. After all of the aforementioned pastries, we also got a corned beef hash with red peppers topped with two over easy eggs. We ordered it all at the same time, but got our pastries first. After we were halfway through our pastries we felt full and weren’t sure we’d be able to eat our corned beef hash, but when it arrived it was so delicious that we both cleaned our plates. The coffee was also quite good – my white chocolate mocha was very tasty and the white chocolate wasn’t all collected at the bottom (a common problem, especially at sbux). Suffice it to say, we will be going back and we would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Spokane!


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