I’ve tried to pick up knitting a dozen or so times in my life, and I’ve always gotten confused and given up. It’s been needles:12, Betsy:0. I recently decided that that had been going on long enough, and tackled a pattern for socks for my husband. I didn’t understand half of it, but I figured out how to increase and decrease, and kind of just went from there, learning as I went. The first sock to come off of the needles was better sized for my feet, so I threw that one aside and added some extra stitches to get these.

I figured out on the last one how to better cast on so that they weren’t all wonky at the tops, and a few other tricks. Needless to say, the socks aren’t exactly matching, but they’re socks! And they’re warm! And they wash well! And I think I’ve got the basics down, so now I’m working on this sweater. It’s actually a very easy pattern, even for me! If you know how to knit, purl, increase, decrease, and bind off, you can make this sweater. That easy. I’ll post pictures when I’m done!


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