Butterfly Garland

Over our summer holiday, Ben’s mom bought the girls a really adorable butterfly garland during our layover in the Seattle airport. We kind of fell into a butterfly theme for their room some time ago and it stuck.  Since their bedroom has no overhead lighting, and the idea of putting standing lights in there made visions of crashing stands and broken light bulbs dance in my head, I opted to hang colored Christmas lights instead. We also found some cute patio butterfly lights at Target that fit right in and Ophelia is rather partial to them. The only downside to the arrangement was the single unsightly cord hanging from the corner. It’s tucked out of the way of the children’s reach, but still, there it was. Ben had the ingenious idea of wiring the new garland so we could wrap it around the cord to hide it. I had some craft wire on hand, and tied the garland tight in between a door knob and a cabinet to hold it still. After locking the cat in the laundry room (she thought it was all a fantastic game), Ophelia and I spiral wrapped the wire around the fishing line that suspended the butterflies and tacked it to the ceiling before wrapping around the offending power cord. Tada!
(Side note: Ophelia does not sleep in the crib. It’s in there for Mira, but since Mira hasn’t graduated out of the pack n’ play yet, Ophelia makes good use of the crib as a trampoline.)


1 Response to “Butterfly Garland”

  1. 1 swingerofbirches
    August 3, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Pretty! I love seeing your ideas in action. You have a beautiful home.

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