on why to ignore the nesting urge sometimes…

I so frequently hear women say, “Childbirth is what our bodies are designed for. Just sit back and let your body take over – you don’t need no stinkin’ doctors or drugs.” I agree that childbirth is one of the things that our bodies are designed for, but I also believe that we are living after the Fall. God cursed childbirth and gave us much pain and hardship in it, just as he cursed the ground and gave our husbands pain and hardship in their duty to tend the earth and provide for us.

So I am not one of those women who likes to “just listen to my body” all the time. Sometimes I need to ignore my body. For example, on Saturday I got the urge to get down on my hands and knees and scrub my kitchen floor and then polish it. This was undeniably the result of some unwelcome pregnancy hormone because as any close friends or family can attest, this is not a normal urge for Betsy. My kitchen floor usually has a random coffee bean and probably a bit of dried spaghetti somewhere in the corner under a cupboard. But I gave in to the urge on Saturday. Now my floor is very pretty, but I am in pre-term labor. I’ve had multiple ridiculous nesting urges over the past two weeks that have brought me to this point. And now here we are, fighting what my body is trying to do in order to keep my baby inside so she can be born healthy and closer to term. I do need my doctor and I do need my drugs because my body is very confused.

I imagine that before the Fall there wouldn’t have been such a thing as pre-term labor (someone please correct me if my theology is off). But here we are, laboring away under the curse. But God is kind and this labor is not in vain, nor are we doing it without His guidance and strength. Sometime in the next two weeks our Evangeline will be in our arms rather than in my belly and we can laugh heartily in the face of the serpent. God is good, and He does not abandon us.


1 Response to “on why to ignore the nesting urge sometimes…”

  1. May 7, 2009 at 11:07 am

    So true! And I am sorry. With my pregnancies, no amount of nesting, heavy lifting, spicy-food-eating, rigorous activity, or pitocin inductions could put me into pre term labor, let alone post term!! (I distinctly remember doing jumping jacks in the bathroom of my l&d room at Gritman while hooked up to an IV pumping the pitocin in full blast. Admittedly, not my finest hour. Ophelia didn’t make her debut for several more weeks.) I’ll send you some of my tried and true overdue magic dust. 🙂 Aren’t our bodies amazing?

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