contraction master

I’ll preface this by saying that when I first heard of this site, I laughed. Who uses a website to help time their contractions, I mean really? How hard can it be? A contraction at 6:45, another at 6:51, another at 6:57 and 7:03, and your contractions are coming every six minutes. That’s all you need, right?

Well, a few weeks ago when I started having regular braxton hicks contractions I decided to try this thing out, and it landed me in the hospital. Without it, I wouldn’t have noticed that my contractions (which came every 8-10 minutes) were lasting more than a minute, and that’s the part that worried my OB (I got some terbutaline and everything was/is fine).

So as silly as it may seem, maybe bookmark contractionmaster.com for the next time you’re nearing the end of a pregnancy because you never know when it might come in handy! Oh, and you can get it for your iPhone or iTouch as well (which would be super handy!).


1 Response to “contraction master”

  1. 1 ladyrita
    April 30, 2009 at 9:57 am

    We used that (or some such site, I wasn’t doing the clicking) during early labor with my second in January. It was helpful for there to be no accurate math needed after little sleep the night before.

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