reviving tights

Hmmm, that sounds a bit like a band name. Anyway. So a few weeks ago I realized that the red tights I’d planned to put on my little girl were hopelessly pilled and just kinda unattractive. This saddened me because I really wanted her to wear some cute outfit that required red tights and I did not want to take the time to find a new outfit (that would no doubt require its own pair of tights that would probably be pilly too…it’s been a while since we bought new tights). So I was looking at said pair of red tights and I realized that the inside of the tights was completely pill-free. They looked brand new on the inside. So I flipped them inside out. Voila! New tights! I don’t imagine that this will work on all pairs of tights as this pair was from the dollar store and had a strange sort of weave to them (not as thin as regular tights, but not a heavy knit either). All the same, I thought I’d pass on the trick in hopes that some other mom out there can benefit!


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