Easy Skirt

I ran across some fabric I loved in the scrap bin at Joanns the other day. It was brown cotton, with a muted red plaid pattern.  I cut it into two rectangles. One was 10″ x 29″ and the other 12″ x 45″. I hemmed under the long side at about a 1/2″ to be the bottom of the skirt and created a seam at about 3/4″ for the elastic casing on the other long side. Then I sewed both the short ends together (make sure not to sew the 3/4″  together). I used 1/2″ elastic and threaded it through the casing and sewed the ends of the elastic together before pulling the fabric over top and sewing it in place.  Then I just turned it right side out. It was really easy and both skirts were made in about an hour. It helped to have the plaid pattern because it made it easier to sew in a straight line (a big challenge for me).

Including the elastic, fabric and thread, each skirt was under $3.00! I’m hoping to get really good at these dresses and skirts so we only need to buy shirts for summer.

Mira’s Skirt                                                          Ophelia’s Skirt


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