It’s been awhile. Mira is teething and Ophelia has been going through this weird clingy stage.  Finally, at long last, both my daughters are asleep and my husband is at some theological debate (held at a local pub which explains the draw.)  I decided to address the million dollar question:
To Organic-size or Not to Organic-size.
(I’m a geek, what can I say?)

I’ve sat on both sides of the fence and the opinion I am about to express is very simply that. I am hesitant to address this particular subject because it tends to be rather inflammatory and since it is a non-salvation issue, I see no reason to blow it out of proportion. We are talking about food (a passion of mine) and how we choose to buy it. I realize I have mentioned my love of organic produce before and thought I should explain my inclination. Personally, I like the idea of growing my own food for the exceedingly superior taste, the discipline involved and the altogether Glory-to-God-ness of it.   However, I live in a lovely apartment on the second floor in Condoville with no sustained direct sunlight and the next best thing to growing my own  is to buy it from the guy down the street. I’m all for supporting the locals. Firstly, because I can appreciate the work they do and secondly, I believe that “Love thy neighbor” encompasses where we put our money. My husband could give you some good resources on that rabbit trail, but you’ll have to talk to him about that as I am trying to keep this from being too long.  In addition, my children have inherited their father’s rather sensitive stomach. While I can easily munch down a large fries, Ben gets very sick at the slightest whiff of McWendy’s Queen Fil-a.  In the spirit of loving my family, I have begun to do the best I can to protect them from the foods we cannot identify at first glance.  When it comes to lotions, cosmetics, and toiletries, I still feel the draw to natural products. They smell better (to me), and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. There is, of course, the question of finance whenever this topic is brought up. I agree, that in our current economy, to buy all natural and organic would easily cost 3 times more then shopping  should. As a teacher’s wife, I’m not burdened with too much extra cash lying around either. In our home, I try to buy natural/organic for only the things that really matter. Fruits and vegetables go without saying (once you’ve had a sunripened tomato from your neighbor, you’ll know what i mean). I try to keep whatever I put on our skin pretty simple (that is no more then 10 or so ingredients and ones I can pronounce and recognize). Mira and I have very easily irritated skin. Ben and Ophelia are mildly intolerant to the homogenization process so I try to buy non-homogenized or soy milk when the budget allows. However, other items, like flour, rice, sugars, coffeebeans etc, I buy wherever it is the cheapest. There are always affordable ways to make your everyday habits a bit healthier on a budget, too. Like eating oatmeal for breakfast and using brown, raw sugar, honey or molasses as sweetener. Throwing together your own salad dressing instead of buying premade is an easy and economical way to improve your dinner. In making over our diets, I have found great liberty from needing to diet. Natural foods (when done right) taste better, have less bad fats, and are more filling. I also feel not a small amount of excitement when I buy that really good cheese we all love and bring it home to have with some really good french bread. I enjoy surprising my family with delectable delights like cocoa covered almonds and wasabi peas (sounds gross but OH SO GOOD!). I’m really not saying you should go one way or the other, I’m just trying to explain why I get so excited about shopping from the farmer’s market or why I get such a thrill from making bread that actually turns out well. We have found some good books and cookbooks on the subject if anyone is interested, let me know. I’m interested in how everyone else manages their food budget and how they make it work. It is, I believe, one of the major challenges of a housewife.


1 Response to “Organicsizeation”

  1. 1 swingerofbirches
    February 13, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    I enjoyed hearing your thoughts and opinions–thanks! And I also appreciated your thoughtfulness in approaching the entire matter. It is most certainly an important and interesting topic, but I think sometimes it’s easy for folks to get defensive about it, know what I mean? Your approach was gracious and just your opinion, and I love it. We are still thinking through such things ourselves but share your love of good food, fresh stuff, and products that don’t irritate our skin! The Lord is very kind to allow us the opportunity to think through this kind of thing.

    Much love to you,

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