crocheted flower

Here is my very poorly done tutorial for the little crocheted flower that I put on B’s scarf. I’ve never been good at following crocheting directions, so it only follows that I would be just as bad at writing them. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

1. Chain 5 and join in a loop with a slip stitch.
2. Single crochet and then chain one in each of the 5 chains that make up your loop. Meet back up at the end with another slip stitch.
3. Single crochet in the single crochet, and then do 3 double crochets in the single chain space, all the way around (you should end up with 5 petals). The 3 double crochets are what’s going to create the petals, so if you want a more gentle “scallop” to the petals, you could do a half double crochet, or if you want a more boisterous scallop you could go so far as to do a triple crochet. Once you get all the way around, secure it with a slip stitch and tie it off! Hopefully it looks like a flower!
Post Script: The general idea is to just make a loop of chains, and then use a few big stitches alternated with a small stitch to create petals. If you want to have a 6 petaled flower, it follows that you’d chain 6 in step one and then make a single crochet and chain one in each of those 6 chains, and so forth.


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