Now We Have Two!

Long time, no write. I have been trying to focus my energy on getting my home somewhat back to pre-Mira status. I find myself wishing I had a lot more arms like Durga, or having the ability to astro project myself to be in two rooms at the same time (yup, I’m that geeky.) Having 2 children certainly takes some adjusting to. Of course, it’s a welcome adjustment, and both my daughters bring me new joy and sanctification daily.  Mira’s personal schedule and preferences have been a challenge for me to adapt and mold. Thankfully, someone referred me to the Happiest Baby on the Block and while I disagree somewhat with Karp’s philosophy, we are finally getting a bit of sleep through his methods. Hurrah! We are still having adventures in potty training with Ophelia. She is 50/50 on diapers. I don’t feel this is a good time to really transition her because of all the changes we are experiencing already. She uses disposables for nap and bedtime. Otherwise she’s in her Happy Heinys (which, btw, I can get you an awesome deal on if you’re in the market!). It’s working well for us right now.

We haven’t quite got back into making real dinners yet. Having been blessed with many meals through thoughtful friends and family, I haven’t really needed to do any cooking for a month. Now that I’m starting to get my feet on the ground again, we are doing simple meals. Oatmeal for breakfast, peanut butter and honey or tuna sandwiches for lunch.  For dinner last night, we melted cheeses on baguette slices in the oven, had fruit, and an array of cold cheeses.  I have been experimenting a bit, though. I tried adding some marshmallows in with my chocolate crescents. Yum! I started pouring some prepared pumpkin pie filling on top of my cherry pie filling before cooking it instead of doing a lattice top. It looks a bit like an autopsy, but it tastes fabulous! Last week I experimented with spinach and risotto. That one still needs some serious tweaking. So, that, in a nutshell is what has been up with us. Both the girls are napping right now, so I’m going to take this rare opportunity to sneak in some sleep myself.


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