prepping for the holidays

Do you realize that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks from today? And Christmas is only a month after that? It seems to have been a busy couple of months in the Becker household, and the holidays are really starting to sneak up on me. We’ve decided not to host any of the big feasts this year, and so in some ways that has me a little complacent (since I’m not planning for them weeks in advance, I forget that they’re coming!). I need to take advantage of this extra time though and I plan on making the celebrations for our little family more vibrant this year. I’ve started going through the archives from last November and December on my favorite blogs and picking out the crafts and traditions that I want to implement this year. One that I want to make a point of not neglecting is the advent calendar, and I’m still planning on copying this one that I found last year at julieree.blogspot.com.
My goal is to get everything copied and cut out before Thanksgiving so that we can assemble it in the last few days of November.

I’m also already dreaming of the smell of the cedar in the Advent Wreath that will be the center of our table this Advent season. So many fun things to do! It’s time to get to work!


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