I don’t bother painting my fingernails except for special occasions anymore. I’m always amazed by moms who can keep manicures. I’m just not talented enough. Mine chip or peel or I chew them. My toes are a different story, though. I’m a sucker for a pedicure! It just feels so good and looks so pretty! Especially on those days when I barely get a shower in, I like to have pretty toes. Reminds me that I was a wife before I was a mommy.

Last January when I visited Abbea, she introduced me to Creative Sticky Start and Super Shiney Finish. They are about $6 – $7 for a half ounce and worth every penny! I apply a coat of Sticky Start right before my polish. I usually wait until the next day to apply the Super Shiney Finish on top, simply because I want to make sure the 2 foundational coats dry through before putting on the last one….and because I don’t have the time to sit still for more then 10 minutes. Having a quality bottom and top coat has allowed me to quit investing in expensive nail polishes. I just use BonBons (you know, the cheap kind from Walmart for 88 cents a bottle!) now and the color lasts on my toes for 2+ weeks looking glossy and fabulously chip-less!


1 Response to “Nails”

  1. 1 ladyrita
    September 28, 2008 at 6:40 am

    Excellent to know. I love keeping my toe nails painted.

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