late september at the cutting gardens

If you were to go to the cutting gardens now, these are the flowers you would find. If you go next week, Jane will have her big pumpkin display with all the perfect little gourds for your fall table.

This picture shows two of my favorite little ‘weird’ flowers for bouquets. That fuzzy brainy looking thing in the middle-ish is called cockscomb, and I first saw it used in a bridal bouquet a little over two years ago, and it was amazing (they used the hot pink, which is also in this bouquet). It gives just enough odd texture to really round out a traditional bouquet. The other flower I love is the little red clover-like flowers a little higher in the bouquet. Group three of them together like I did here, and they make a nice little detail on a smaller scale. My mom and I also used these two flowers in what I think is the most beautiful bridal bouquet she’s ever done (and she’s probably done thirty or so). This was the bouquet for my friend Emily, who incidentally will be celebrating her 2nd Anniversary in about two weeks! Happy (early) Anniversary to Emily and Toby!


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