eye candy

The past week has been a busy one, dealing with health insurance, picking up a new landscaping job, and of course, following all the up-to-the-minute info and commentary on the November election that has only recently become oh-so-fascinating. It has been so busy in fact that I’ve had to let this beautiful pile of heavy sateen cotton just sit there in all its tantalizing beauty.

I think I’ve mentioned before my love for Anna Maria Horner’s Drawing Room line. I love it for the elegance and simplicity that I am at home with and the rich colors that push the boundaries of my comfort zone so beautifully. I will admit that the top fabric is my favorite and I’m not wild about how the two go together (online color matching isn’t always perfect), but I plan on making it work. The top fabric will be the ‘outside’ and the bottom fabric will be the lining for a new diaper bag as mentioned here. I’m hesitant to start though because I know it will take time to make it well, and copying that petunia pickle bottom bag is not going to be easy. Maybe I’ll just start cutting it out, and see what I’m up for beyond that. Stay tuned for some ‘in progress’ photos.


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