school ‘desk’

We’ve decided that it might be a good thing to set up a semi-formal ‘school time’ for Little B in the mornings. In order to set this time apart a little better, I thought I’d put together a sort of activity mat that we can lay out on the table and use that will signify that it is ‘school time’.

I wanted something durable and easily washable that could hold some of B’s supplies. I came up with this oil-cloth mat with pockets for her colored pencils, markers, and crayons.

As I get the time I will sew the alphabet along the top (the letters are already cut out of the same oil-cloth that is used as the trim for the pencil-pockets), and numbers down the right side with a corresponding number of buttons for each numeral.

And the best part is that it folds up for easy storage. There will, at some point, be velcro to hold it closed. Something compact like this is the perfect alternative to an actual desk when you live with limited space.


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