sicilian pizza

Last week I made this Sicilian Pizza from Williams-Sonoma. I am continually trying to find recipes for entrees that include little or no meat, and this one looked like it might make it past my husband’s “gotta-have-meat-to-be-a-meal” fortresses. The trick was to call it “Sicilian Topped Focaccia”, because to call it “pizza” just doomed it to failure (our favorite pizza is the pizza hut meat lovers, and this is obviously nothing like it).

Andrew was working late that night, so B and I popped in Ratatouille and set to work making our own delectable meal.

The pizza – oh, pardon me, topped focaccia – turned out quite well. The grilling of the vegetables beforehand is a little time consuming, but I think it’s quite worth it. We made a full batch of the pizza dough and were able to make the toppings stretch to cover two twelve inch pizzas quite well. I would mention, however, that this pizza is not very good as a left-over. The veggies get soggy and it is just not appealing. So only make as much pizza as you think you’ll eat in one night!

Our pizza, about to make its way into the oven.


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