David and Goliath…Victory!

Hurrah!! A successful loaf! It seems my problem was a combination of salt killing my yeast, and my water temperature being too low to activate it. I tried once on Tuesday, and it rose well, but I ran to the store and forgot about it, so it ended up rising for 6 hours, which, of course, meant it fell. I figured out how to do the first rising/mixing cycle in my machine on the dough setting, and then transfer it into a bread pan (or whatever other shape) and let it rise the second time before cooking. It’s nice, because it is less messy and it keeps my hands available for those moments when I’m called to motherhood related emergencies. I decided to nix the salt altogether, and simply add a bit of salted butter to the mixture and then top it with salted butter before the 2nd rising. As I become more comfortable with bread making, I’m going to try and re-introduce salt, and then whole wheat flour. I did try to do a braided loaf, but when it rose, the braid disappeared. Any ideas on how to help it keep its shape? Thanks for all your help!


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