Strawberry Basil Martini

A couple months ago, some friends brought us a bottle of Classic 80 proof Van Gogh Vodka when we had them over for a wine and cheese fellowship. Ben and I had never tried this brand. Generally, Ben considers vodka a close cousin to rubbing alcohol. I, on the other hand, am partial to the stuff. We were both impressed with how delicate it was. It didn’t wreak of alcohol and instead has a smooth, almost fruity (but not sweet) taste. Originally, we used it in regular and gibson martinis. Last night I became inspired and strung a ripe strawberry and a basil leaf into it. It was fantastic! After I ate the strawberries, I mushed around the basil in the remaining tini….glorious! There’s no other word for it. Next time I think we’re going to add the basil leaves into the shaker and allow the ice to beat some flavor out of it, prior to drinking.


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