weekend project

I’m one of those women who compulsively rearranges furniture. I am easily bored with the layout of a room and I will continually experiment with new layouts in search of the *perfect* one (as if one exists!). Unfortunately, the floor plan of our current apartment combined with the amount of furniture that we’ve tried to squeeze in has left me with little room to rearrange. So I must find alternative ways to update our living space, and this last weekend I went with the more labor intensive project of repainting.

The walls of our living room/dining room/kitchen have been the same cool, dull green for two years now. It was getting old, and I wanted something warmer and cheerier. I also wanted something that wouldn’t make our unattractively cheap honey maple cabinets stand out anymore than they needed to, so I went with a honey yellow color that would ‘blend’ a little more.

When I started painting, it was a little scary. From cool green to warm, vibrant yellow is quite a contrast, and it looked like I was putting up warning tape around the edges of my walls.

But, I am usually scared when I first start to brush the paint on, so I trudged along. The walls got yellower, and I got more comfortable with it.

This painting job taught me a little trick that I thought I’d pass on. I originally bought one gallon of paint that was a little lighter than I’d originally wanted (I wimped out at the last minute and went for the ‘safer’ color). I used up that gallon on the first coat and it was quite plain that I was going to need a second coat. I let the first coat dry and I decided that I did want to go with the darker color (the first one was a little too lemony and I wanted something a little darker and more substantial). So when I went to buy the second gallon, I went with the darker tint, and am much happier with it. So if you’re reticent to paint in a darker color, use a ‘safer’ hue on the first coat and darken it up on the second round if you’re up for it.

An unexpected blessing came while I was moving furniture away from the walls and that was the discovery of the little hole that our unwelcome guest had chewed through our carpet in order to gain access into our tasty apartment.

We stuffed the hole with steel wool (apparently that’s the one thing that mice can’t gnaw through with their little razor sharp fangs), and don’t expect to see the little varmint again.

I’m still getting used to the warmth of my new walls. I love the color, but I’m trying to decide if it really goes with my furniture. Either way, it’s still something new and it’s much more cozy than it was before, so I’m content with it for now. And as a heads-up to you husbands out there – these kind of large scale projects are to be expected when you work Saturday nights. 😉


3 Responses to “weekend project”

  1. 1 ladyrita
    July 16, 2008 at 5:53 am

    I never rearrange furniture, it’s always been more of a tetris game when we move, but I *love* to paint!

  2. 2 swingerofbirches
    July 16, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    Nice work! And thanks for the hot painting tip.
    I laughed at your heads-up to husbands– “these kind of large scale projects are to be expected when you work Saturday nights.”! Anytime John is traveling on business Lizzie and I do big projects together. Well, maybe not as big as painting, but we do major organizational overhauls, cleaning out closets, etc. It passes the time in the evening after dinner and before bed, helps us be cheerful when John is away, and the end results are always so satisfying!
    Blessings to your family.

  3. July 16, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    ladyrita – tetris is a very good way to describe it!

    Naomi – Andrew regularly works saturday nights, so it has kind of become my ‘project’ time. I tend to save up my bigger projects for Saturday nights and it gives me a bit of something to look forward to despite the fact that it’ll just be me and the tot! It is always good to have something to keep us cheerful and productive when just blobbing around can seem so much more appealing!

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