blueberry beer

In some ways, I think it’s hard to get more “modern patriotic” than blue beer. I mean, it’s one of the three colors of the American Chromatic Trinity, and it’s beer. But I’m not advocating that you try this beer for any semblance of patriotism.

I think you should try this beer because it’s tasty. It’s got blueberries, if that gives you any ideas. And granted, because it has blueberries it’s not going to be very appealing at all to those people who like to chew their beer. It will also probably not be appealing to those who like to drink their beer out of 20 oz chilled mugs that smell of horse manure (you can ask me about that experience later). It does strike me, however, as a good way to introduce somebody to beer. The initial taste that you get is that of blueberries and then it gently fades to a ‘normal’ beer aftertaste. We are, for example, going to try to get my parents to split a bottle tonight at our barbecue (these are the parents that lived in Germany for a cumulative six years and still do not like beer).

So if you’re looking for something new and fun to try, I’d recommend this Wild Blue Lager.

For those of you here on the Palouse, you can find it in the cooler at WinCo. For those of you elsewhere, it is bottled by Anheuser-Busch, so it should be pretty readily available at your local grocer.


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