this week at the cutting gardens . . .

I was up earlier than usual this morning and decided to take advantage of the cooler hours by heading out to the cutting gardens in Pullman to get some flowers. This time of year (right around the 4th of July) is my very favorite time at the cutting gardens primarily because of the royal blue delphinium, the yellow rudbeckia, and the amazing lillies. With our crazy weather this year there were some flowers available this morning that are usually past their prime around the 4th, so I was pleased to get a few new varieties in my bucket. The greatest surprise was this blue veronica – I had to turn around and go get another bucket to fill up when I saw these beauties!

I was also pleased to find some lovely campanula (bellflowers) to make into a bouquet to welcome little Anthony who was born in the wee hours of this morning! He gave his mom a run for her money (as I’m sure most 10+ lb baby boys do!) but we’re all so happy to meet him. Who can resist a pair of chubby cheeks and loads of fuzzy black baby hair?

Here is the initial armload…

And here is my kitchen after getting them all divided out! My little helper (aka flower-bucket-carrier and-tipper-over-er) is in the bottom right corner.

After Anthony’s bouquet of bellflowers, veronica, and coral bells I set to work on my big bouquet. The colors that I bring home this time of year always remind me of the beautiful bouquets at Pike Place Market in Seattle which I absolutely adore. The vibrant colors just scream summer to me.

I didn’t have room in that bouquet for the snapdragons, so they got their own vase.

And then I took all the leftovers and put them together in a bouquet for B’s room (she’s very much into flowers).


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