champagne mojitos

We had some friends over on Sunday evening and served these wonderful little cocktails. I’m normally not one for cocktails, but this one really hit the spot. The mint and lime really cut through the sweetness and the alcohol to give it a really crisp, refreshing taste.

And sorry, no pictures, they were gone too fast.

Champagne Mojitos
(serves 4)

8 sprigs of peppermint (if you don’t have quite enough you can throw in a dash of peppermint schnapps)
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
thinly sliced lime
3-4 tbsp sugar
chilled champagne (spumante for a sweeter taste)
strawberries, for garnish

Mix your lime juice and sugar and let sit for a bit so that the sugar kind of dissolves. Then add your peppermint (and schnapps if needed) and muddle it up a bit (smash the leaves in the juice so that they release more of their flavor). Divide this mixture between four glasses (or you could serve it in a small pitcher with glasses on the side). Add a few ice cubes, two thin lime slices, a sliced strawberry, and top with champagne (about 4-6 oz per glass).



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