I’ve spent the past two days weeding my house. It seems that a number of things have snuck in under the radar and somehow managed to grow some very deep roots, thereby making it difficult for me to get rid of them during any other weeding session in the past four years. But today it rained and the ground was soft, so a lot of the weeds that were difficult to pull before were easier to pull and toss today. For example, the old ball gowns that are just not all that attractive and my daughter will never play dress up with. Those went in the proverbial compost pile. The old games that were gifts that we never play. Ugly/seldom used blankets. Annoying kids’ toys. LOTS of clothes. I also pulled out some rubbermaid totes of B’s clothes and baby things to put in storage, because we don’t need easy access to them and so they are going to be toted off to the storage place. Here’s the Mount Everest of stuff that is finally going to be leaving my house:

And here is one of the happy results:

…a nearly empty shelf in my closet! We have but two closets in our apartment, so they are highly valuable real estate. Freeing up this shelf to store stuff that’s been lying around is a great victory.

The weeding is nowhere near done, but I’m happy (albeit exhausted) with the progress so far. My main goal is to get B’s room to the point where she can actually go in there and play without me having to remind her to not stand on that box and pull the tv off of that other box. It’s a lofty goal, but like I said, the ground is wet and it’s easier to pull the weeds now for some reason.

Completely unrelated is this little guy. I caught him trying to blend in with our parking lot this afternoon.

A number of years ago some old timer out in Troy informed us that these are Hungarian Partridges. I’d always thought they were quail, but I guess not.


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