caramel apples

In an effort to up the health factor of our dinner last night, I served some apple slices at the end of the meal. When we were a couple of slices in, someone made the brilliant observation that they would be much better with caramel dip (perhaps now you can understand my desire to up the health factor of our meal). We all agreed that that was a great idea, so I hopped online to find a caramel recipe. I came across this one, and set to work. The recipe seemed a little involved, but I went along with it, only substituting a little white sugar for the brown, since I was almost out of brown. It turned out pretty well, despite being a little thick (after all – it was meant to form a hard coating for apples, not to be a smooth and creamy dip). I halved the recipe and still came out with two or three cups of caramel. The great thing is that you can also pour it over some good ice cream for a particularly yummy (and not so healthy) snack when you get tired of apples.


2 Responses to “caramel apples”

  1. May 20, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Mmm. That looks good! I’ve been trying to eat fruit instead of sugar for my daily toddlers-in-bed-now-I-can-think ritual. I got pretty good at it for awhile and then my unborn got sick of it. Now I’m halfway through the half gallon of Reeces Pieces ice cream I bought yesterday. Blame it on Mira. She may not be born yet, but she poses a very convincing argument.

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