Bella Beach

I forgot my camera out at my parents’ house yesterday, which puts anything crafty or culinary out of the running for today’s post, so I thought I’d tell you all about a fabulous little place on the Oregon Coast that my family highly recommends.

Bella Beach is a small community on the coast built around the idea of “new urbanism”. There’s a lot of hokey stuff involved in new urbanism and sustainability and all that stuff (I know – I got a degree in it), but when it results in places as lovely as this, I’m all for it. Now before you start thinking “Oh no! Composting toilets!”, take a look at this.

Those aren’t yurts on the left there. Not convinced yet?

I don’t know what kind of beach houses you may have grown up with (if any – ours was often the type that involved poles and pegs), but this is certainly a cut above.

In this application, “new urbanism” means lots of public open spaces (like playgrounds, picnic areas, and ‘greens’), paths to the beach, and garages hidden in the back and only accessible by alleys. It makes for a very cosy and aesthetically appealing neighborhood. It is very obviously all contrived – the homeowners probably have to get paint schemes passed by a committee or something, but it is very lovely all the same.

Our house was a three bedroom, two bath house with the option of the additional sleeping loft above the garage. There was a fully stocked kitchen (stocked in the way of utensils and cookware, not food), laundry room, hot tub, and all the normal TV, DVD, etc. We visited in the off season (September) and so we got a really great rate that ended up being less than most hotels in the area. And even if we had had to pay more than a hotel – it’s a whole house, so that’s okay! They have great weekly rates as well, and it would be perfect for a family vacation where everyone can come and stay as long as they want, or a couple of small families could easily share a house (especially with the separate, optional sleeping loft above the garage for privacy).

Bella Beach also puts you very close to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Lincoln City Outlets, and lots of state parks (not to mention a Cold Stone Creamery), so there’s always plenty to do if you get bored with the playgrounds and beach.

So, if you’re pondering a vacation to the coast this year, check out Bella Beach, or either of her sister communities, Olivia Beach and Seabrook.


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