spring at the cutting gardens

A number of months ago I urged you all to check out the cutting gardens over in Pullman. Now that the winter has passed and we are well on our way to summer, the cutting gardens are back in business. I went yesterday because I had some time to kill over in Pullman and I came back with these beauties.

Actually, I came back with a few more bouquets worth as well, but those flowers are still closed up. My goal is to get them to wait until this weekend to bloom so that I can give them as Mother’s Day gifts, rather than spending $30 a bunch at the store (despite being loosely connected to the flower industry, I despise their price gouging around the major holidays). There were still rows and rows of tulips in tight bud form, so if these don’t make it through the week I may go back for some more for my Mother’s Day boquets. Oh, and the flowers are still $6 a bucket. Not too bad.

This also turned out to be a fantastic outing for Little B. She had a great time hopping over the rows of tulips and carrying my bucket for me. She was also very helpful when it came to helping me ‘pick’ the flowers. So, in my mind, the above bouquets are my Mother’s Day flowers from her. It’s much more fun to make an outing of the flower picking than to get flowers from the store, don’t you think?


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