arboretum outings

One of our favorite weekend activities is a trip to the arboretum. The main path is just a little over a mile round trip (1.25 miles, to be exact), so it’s the perfect length for little legs (as long as you give them an hour and a half to do it!). Yesterday was beautiful, so after our Sunday lunch and our Sunday naps, we headed out. I have to say that it is ten times more fun when Andrew is with us because he has the patience to sit with B by the ponds waiting for the frogs to resurface. I do not have such patience, so I have fun walking around and taking lots and lots of pictures. It’s a winning situation for all of us. Yesterday was quite fruitful and we got to see lots of fun animals and flowers. The highlight was the family of Canadian Geese with their seven little ones. But enough with the words – here are the pictures.

The little family of geese

Sibling rivalry spans species

Cherry blossoms

A beautiful star magnolia (its scent was heavenly)

One of many turtles that we spotted

A maple branch blossoming and sending out new leaves

Little woodpecker on the olive trees

The wheat fields that grow right up against the arboretum path.


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