our fallback dinner

I’m sure that everyone has their favorite fallback dinner – what ever it is that you make when you can’t really think of anything new and you just want something that will be tasty, filling, and cover at least a few of the food groups.

While walking through the grocery store yesterday (quite aimlessly, I might add), I found myself migrating over to the sirloin steaks to see if I could find some for a decent price. I did, and so we had our favorite fallback meal last night. Grilled steaks, a green vegetable, and a starch. This time I used a mesquite rub on the steaks and grilled them in my little $10 grill pan from Ross. I served them with a steamed artichoke with garlic and lemon butter, and a side of wild rice (we usually like parmesan mashed potatoes, but the rice was easier). It’s a fun fallback meal because my husband loves it (most probably will), and it’s actually one of the healthier, faster, and easiest meals that I make. And with only three mouths to feed, it’s easy to do a spur of the moment steak dinner for $5.

What are your fallback favorites?


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