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Remember when maternity was just a synonym for shapeless? As if the morning sickness, heartburn, mood swings and cravings weren’t enough, our poor mothers had to waddle around it balloon shirts and sweat pants for 9 (10) months to boot! It’s only been recently that designers have begun to come to a more Christian view of pregnancy: pregnancy is beautiful. When I was late in my third trimester with O (admittedly, not feeling my hottest), I remember Wilson sharing the metaphor of a tree never being more lovely, then when it is producing fruit. Similarly, women are never more lovely then when they are with child. Children are a blessing. Just like our homes should represent the glory of God, our pregnant bodies should, too. The practical application: do your best to dress yourself in loveliness both inside and out. I’m aware pregnancy is a lot of work. It’s some of the hardest work a woman will ever do. I know it can take it’s toll. And I’m not saying you can never wear sweats. I’m simply saying you’ll feel better and be discipling by example, if you are a cheerful, well dressed woman. Of course, this goes for mommies who aren’t pregnant too. I’m sure you’ve noticed how a beautiful mother stands out in a crowd. She’s done her hair, she doesn’t look haggard, and even if she is working with willful children, there is still peace and beauty around her. You can see, from a distance, that she takes pride in her calling and it’s alluring, it’s lovely. Because I’m home, incubating at present, the maternity theme comes to mind. In my situation, a day out shopping for maternity clothes can be as grueling as a hike up Kilimanjaro…okay, maybe not Kilimanjaro, but a hike, nonetheless. It’s exhausting. Driving and then walking from store to store. Searching for sizes. Searching for prices. Searching for colors. Then the need to feed and water myself and the poor person who I dragged along with me. Or perhaps you live in an area where there aren’t any good stores for maternity clothes (yup, that’s you, Moscow, Idaho!). I have a solution. Check out BellaBlu Maternity. Yes, from the comfort of your own home…especially appealing if you are still the the throws of morning sickness. BellaBlu offers a wide range of tasteful, comfortable, quality (so you don’t have to re-buy your favorite pair of jeans halfway through your 2nd trimester!), brand name clothes, to keep you looking lovely throughout your 9(10) month mark and beyond.

First off, let me introduce you to my new friend who will be keeping me comfortable and appropriate and several events this summer. Ivory, red and purple, this is Strapless Swing.

She’ll be keeping me company through any weddings, fancy dinner dates, and (with a shrug or sweater) church events. It’s 100% cotton, so it will keep me cool and comfortable even in three digit degrees. Plus, it’s something I wouldn’t mind wearing even after the baby is born! I’ve also been happy to find my new favorite maternity jeans from BellaBlu.

Check it out, Chic Flare Jeans! These are, without a doubt, the most comfortable, the most flattering maternity jeans I’ve ever worn!! They beat out Mimi and Gap without even breaking a sweat! They have the 2″ elastic waistband (demi style), but unlike most maternity jeans, it doesn’t cut into my belly. It’s soft, like a gentle hug. They also fit properly on my caboose (a reacurring problem I have with preggo jeans) and the style is understated and flattering to my new figure. Every pregnant woman needs a reliable pair of jeans to slip into that make her feel lovely and pulled together. I suggest you try these. And finally, the OTHER maternity staple, a cute, comfortable skirt. I choose Skull Skirt!

It’s cute, it’s comfy, it’s sexy, it’s very my rocker chick style. Naturally, if rhinestone skulls aren’t your cup of tea, you can order the black skirt without the deathly embellishment or you can opt for Octopus Skirt (also available without the print). Either way, the cotton/spandex fabric hangs nicely and the waistband is oh SO comfortable. I can vouch for it!

There are many, many other options on their website, but now you have my personal recommendations. Their website also offers transition wear for after baby is born, those fabulous nursing aprons, designer diaper bags, baby clothes and furniture, in addition to great gift ideas for mothers, fathers and siblings to be. And if your a petite or plus size mom, you’ll find a special section of maternity wear just for you! I will definitely be saving up to shop with them again. I realize, as does the friendly staff at BellaBlu, that not everyone can afford to drop $70.00 on a pair of jeans, but they are doing their best to keep their prices competitive, however, their products are name brand (read quality fit and construction) so they are only allowed to drop the prices so low. They do offer a return shoppers discount of 15% and you’ll note they have a clearance section. They are also currently offering free shipping until April 15. In addition to purchasing quality clothes, you’ll have the added satisfaction of supporting a small (owned and operated by 4 helpful and friendly people in Oklahoma) business. Since they are a small business, you’ll find, as I did, that their staff is very knowledgeable about the products. I’ve always had problems figuring out my maternity sizes. At one place I’m a small, at another I’m large and don’t even get me started on the number sizes!! When I ordered from BellaBlu, I simply sent them my measurments (with a short rant about how maternity pants are always too large on my behind and the busts are always too small! What can I say, I’m pregnant…that is to say, easily riled) and asked them to fit my size. They did a beautiful job! Everything was perfect!


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  1. April 10, 2008 at 10:11 am

    I LOVE that dress. And that skirt is very you. 😉 I can’t wait to see you all pregnant in them this summer!

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