Method in the Madness

Yesterday, I was reminded of one of the reasons I fell in love with Ben. He came home from work and asked if he could show me something he wanted to buy. He pulled up the Method Home website. There, he pulled up various products and outlined the selling points,  and (not that he needed my permission, but he’s just that thoughtful kind of guy…) in no time we were on our way to Target. After exercising a good deal of self control, we came home with the Aroma Pill and All Purpose Spray in Lavender, Body Wash and Body Bar in Mint, and Shower Spray in Ylang Ylang. We already own the Leather Wipes and Furniture Polish. Thankfully, the products are a little bit cheaper at Target then they are on the Method website. Today I used the all purpose and shower spray and I can honestly say, I LOVE them! I found the scent pleasant and refreshing, but not overwhelming. I can vouch for the leather wipes and furniture polish. They are wonderful no muss, no fuss, yummy smelling products that do the job well. We plugged in the aroma pill last night. Of course I prefer just airing out my home, but when you live in an apartment where the tenant down below spends 24 hours a day, everyday, smoking the cheapest, foulest cigars my nose has ever been unfortunate enough to smell, all without having the common decency to ventilate his apartment, a girls got to bring out the big guns of scent control. So far, so good. The lavender is natural and not over powering, but strong enough to scent most of the apartment with one unit. We are looking forward to converting our cleaning products almost entirely to the Method line as our budget allows. We are especially looking forward to buying the Omop!

PS All the Method products are non-toxic and little people safe!

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