springtime ID

This is going to be a rather longish post in which I display my nerdiness (it’s a word) when it comes to plants and growing things.

One of my favorite things about spring is that first walk out into the garden when you see the tips of all your flowering bulbs starting to poke through the frosty ground. There’s still snow on the ground, but those determined little guys are making headway against the elements and venturing forth from their underground worlds. I, being the trigger happy photographer that I am, decided to take pictures of everything that was popping up out at my parents’ house yesterday. If you have something mysterious that is rearing its pointy little head in your yard, maybe these pictures will help you “ID” it (I mostly just wanted to prove that spring is actually here, and I think these pictures help to do so).

These are a shorter, ‘lily’ style of tulip.

These will be the rather tall tulips.


Snowdrops (already blooming!) and a few little grape hyacinths (or “muscari”).

Some little Siberian Irises.

Peonies (my favorite).

And here’s a few perennials that are budding out:

Peppermint (delicious).

Columbine. (I love the little rosettes that the leaves make as they unfurl).


And now some trees…

A weeping cherry.

A beautiful red maple waiting to flower (these bright red buds actually do look like flowers against the silvery bark).

So, can you tell that I’m excited? The really great thing is that we’re heading over to the coast this weekend and we’ll get to see all sorts of things blooming. Trips to warmer climes always help to brighten the spirits after long winters like this one.


1 Response to “springtime ID”

  1. March 12, 2008 at 8:33 am

    I was visiting my family yesterday and one of my siblings (I have 7) was showing me all the crocus (crocuses?) coming up. The kids always get excited because they planted them.

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