Winter Skin

The winter is the worst time for my skin. It becomes pasty and uncooperative. Suddenly, it doesn’t like my detergent anymore, it itches constantly, and eventually just breaks out in a rash. When I lived in Moscow, I used to go tanning for about 5 minutes a week just to ward off SAD which also took care of my unruly skin. But here, fake baking doesn’t really fit into my grocery budget! I’ve had to become fairly innovative this year in keeping my body happy through the sunless months. Here are the few things I’ve found really helped. Please let me know your ideas, too!

  • Good moisturizer. When I can’t afford to get the really good body cream, I’ve just added a bit of Vitamin E oil to my cheap moisturizer and that seems to work pretty well.
  • Exfoliation. Especially after I shave. Helps slough off the dead skin and, coupled with moisturizer, keeps the itches away.
  • Air. I found sleeping with less clothing and wearing skirts and loose clothes around the house gives my skin room to breathe.
  • Sans makeup. I know. It’s hard enough to feel pulled together with cosmetics. Foundation is killer on your skin, though. It creates an un-even complexion and clogs your pores. If I really need to wear makeup, I just mascara my eyes. If I’m going out, I just use cosmetics around my eyes..which is also nice because it takes care of the whole foundation line dilemma, too.
  • Water. Actually, this is a good idea no matter what the season, but drinking my 60 oz a day has really helped my skin.

Okay, O is awake and my charge is here. Times up!


2 Responses to “Winter Skin”

  1. February 8, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    I agree on moisturizer! And no SPF moisturizer, at least in winter. I don’t want to block the little bit of sun I do see.
    I discovered last winter that I am now allergic to petroleum on my face and especially my lips. (think non-beeswax chapstick) I have to be very careful to avoid it. (As I did *not* do three days ago. Itching, peeling, and hives all over my sad face. Thankfully it’s all gone now.)

  2. 2 ncmom77
    February 16, 2008 at 10:48 am

    I live in the cold dry mountains and taking EFA (essential fatty acids) supplements helps, as well as not so hot showers with gentle creamy cleansers, and coating with hydrating lotion or oil right after. Also, for the kids I keep the baths shorter and coat with lotion right after. I really recommend the Jason Organics product line. They are super effective with nothing harsh in them. I order them on http://www.vitacost.com for a really great comparable price to grocery store brands! Try the Aloe Vera 84% lotion. LOVE it for my face! 🙂

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