the next project

Here’s a sneak peek at my next work in progress. It’s a quilt for B’s toddler bed, which has yet to find its way into the house. It took me a week to gather all the fabrics I wanted, and they’re in the dryer right now getting themselves all pre-shrunk and ready to go.


I will freely admit that 90% of these fabrics are from the same line (“Empress Woo” or something like that) from Free Spirit Fabrics. I’m still in the early stages of learning to quilt, and I feel much more comfortable staying within the comfortable bounds of a fabric collection that I know goes well together. My mother has an amazing ability to find one fabric on one side of the store and match it with ten others from different places around town, but I simply can’t do that yet. I think it would help if I had unending funds and could just buy all the fabric that I liked and then match a few swatches from that collection, but when every yard that I buy has to have a pre-ordained purpose and place in a project, it’s hard to let myself go when it comes to matching fabrics.

I will also freely admit that this is a very ‘girly’ quilt. Lots of pastels, and it’s all floral (except for two paisleys that might not even get used). I would like to point out though that there are no Doras, no Belles, and no Shortcakes. Thus far, I have kept Disney and Mattel out of my decorating palette, and I plan to keep it that way. I really like the greens, blues, and yellows though. I think B’s next room will be painted that sort of dusty minty green, and this quilt would go well with that. So, this afternoon I’ll iron, and tonight I’ll begin cutting!


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