inspiration for the new year

With the holidays over and things finally seeming to get back to normal (does it take everyone else this long?!?), I’m starting to get that urge to deep clean parts of our apartment, and the the crafting stores are calling to me to come inside and spend lots and lots of money on things that I won’t ever get around to actually working on. I’ve decided (I think) that before I can tackle any new crafting projects, I have to finish this quilt along with the little royal robe that I almost finished for B for Christmas but just didn’t quite get around to (I heeded Mrs. Wilson’s advice and just let it go so that I could get a decent amount of sleep and enjoy the holidays!).

One of the most surefire ways for me to get inspired about projects or cleaning is to take a run through my blogroll of crafting blogs. Seeing what all those talented ladies have managed to whip out while their kids are napping or while they’re sitting in the doctor’s office is just astounding to me and it makes me want to be like them (as far as the crafting and cleaning goes, at least!). So I just took a little run through, and I’ve decided on my first new project of the year: making a slipcover for/re-upholstering our little loveseat. Now, I’ve never done this before. The only thing I’ve ever recovered before is the seats to my dining room chairs, and all that involved was a staple gun and 15 minutes. Does anyone have any tips? Warnings? Flag me down and beg me to not go through with it for the sake of my sanity? Anyone? Anyone? Well, it’s a camel-back loveseat with t-cushions (I think that’s what they’re called). I’d like to make a slipcover for the body of it and then make new covers for the seat cushions (so that it looks a little more finished and will stay in place better). Am I crazy?


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