Fleur de lis

It’s a simple theme and I think it is perfect. Recently, my husband and I decided it was time to put both our bathrooms to good use. I moved out of our tiny master bathroom and into the guest bathroom (which is bigger.) Of course we share them, but my arsenal of toiletries, my 5 shampoos, 6 different conditioners, 8 hair products, 2 curling irons, 1 flat iron, 1 blow dryer, 6 creams and 4 body washes (all of which I use regularly) fit much better in a separate room. Anyhow, the reason I’m telling you all this is because having my own bathroom also gives me a bit more liberty to decorate in my own way. Not that Ben’s way is bad. He loves clean lines and industrial hardware. I love Fleur de lis. Today, even though it isn’t in the budget yet, I scouted out some good websites for my favored style. Here’s some of the best ones i found.

I think I’d like to incorporate some these gazing ball knobs in black,  some Fleur accents (perhaps some towel hooks)  with black and white textiles. My bathroom walls are a minty green (ick!), but I think if I stay basic I can make it work.


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