space saving sleds

Here’s a fun trick for all of you snowy-clime dwellers out there. Need a sled but don’t have anywhere to store one? Want a sled but can’t justify the purchase because you’ll only use it once this year? Only need a sled to tow little ones down the street in? Use a laundry basket! I know, I know, it sounds a little cheesy (I promise not to suggest cutting stains out of table cloths and patching with lace to make a stylish throw), but it actually works quite well! I found myself without a sled for Little B the other night, and being 15 miles from the nearest sled-stocking-store at the time, I had to improvise. I found 8′ of nylon rope, tied it through the holes in the laundry basket, and voila! Now this isn’t FDA, CDC, CSI, or NBA approved (and it certainly didn’t work for going through deep snow), but when your little ones just need a little jaunt around the snow covered neighborhood, it works incredibly well! And, the sides keep them from rolling out, and it’s really easy to tuck lots of blankets around them to keep them toasty!

Here’s my little munchkin all rosy-cheeked after our ride around the hill.


1 Response to “space saving sleds”

  1. January 2, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    That’s a good suggestion for us since we get a sled-worthy snow here about once every two years.

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