all done

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’m finally caught up enough to post about it! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you are sufficiently rested to begin your Advent celebrations this coming week.

Thanksgiving started with a flurry when I got up and realized that I had no cheesecloth for basting the turkey. So off to the grocery store I went at 6:45 a.m.. After getting the turkey sufficiently basted and in the oven, the phone rang and Andrew’s family informed us that they were ill and would not be able to come to Thanksgiving Dinner. So now we were down from 9 adults to 6, and I had enough turkey in the oven to feed 12! So we started brainstorming about who might be available this late in the game. Andrew ended up calling a guy up from work who turned out to be free, so we invited him over. He’s the only one we were able to find, so I pared my table down to seven place settings (which was great because now we actually had room for the food!) and made up a new place card.
The rest of the preparations went very well and I even got to watch a little TV in the middle of it all! The most fantastic part was that 10 minutes before everyone was due to arrive, my kitchen looked like this:
It was fantastic! Thanks to everyone who posted their tips on stress-free entertaining. Welcoming guests into a house with a clean kitchen and calm hostess is so wonderful.

Little B watching eagerly for our guests to arrive.

Dinner was delightful, particularly the turkey. If you’ve ever had any doubts about brining a turkey, I highly recommend it. I would also recommend having a pop up timer or something that stays in the turkey the whole time, because every time I stuck my meat thermometer in the breast, a few tablespoons of juice came pouring out. Of all the desserts, the Pecan Praline Tart was by far the best. The crusts that Martha called for were kind of weird though – I don’t know that I would do them like that again. The Cranberry Almond Cinnamon tart was interesting and I’ll probably have to do some major tweaking if I ever make it again (that’s kind of sad that the recipe on the cover of the magazine is so mediocre, don’t you think?). All in all a wonderful time of feasting and fellowship.

We sent the Little B home with my parents that night because we were planning on being up well before the crack of dawn on Friday to go shopping. Now, I feel that I must let you all know that this is the first time that we have ever succumbed to the “Black Friday” rush mentality. It was, however, loads of fun. Andrew and I hit the mall at 5:00 a.m., and didn’t come home till 10:00. We got clothes, toys, books, and a Christmas tree. It’s probably something that we won’t be doing again for a number of years, but we had a great time together waiting for a half an hour (in sub-freezing temperatures) for Office Depot to open. That, however, probably contributed to us all being sick now (which is why I’m posting here on a Sunday morning rather than being in church).

So now our dishes are all done, except for the roasting pan which is still soaking. Our tree is up, decorations are out, and presents are waiting under the tree. Christmas music is playing, and we are enjoying the end of our four day weekend. Now it’s time to start planning the Christmas Parties!


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