Midnight Pan-Cooked Breakfast

This is an amazing meal. It is entirely unaware that anyone, anywhere wouldn’t want to eat an pan-full of fried, fatty foods — which is, of course, the beauty of it. That and the fact that it tastes amazing. I think this is a good Saturday morning, late breakfast recipe. It’s easy to throw together, smells heavenly, and you will be full and satisfied after it. It is, again, from The Naked Chef Takes Off (you really should buy the book), but, I’ve had to paraphrase the instructions because he wrote it like a short story about underage drinking in Saffron Walden and getting completely shnockered and needed some simple food to settle his stomach, you can read it here, but for the time being, I give you my shortened version.

Midnight Pan-Cooked Breakfast
(page 27)

olive oil
mushrooms, halved
tomatoes, quartered
sausages, halved lengthwise
salt and pepper

Heat your biggest non-stick pan on the stove top, when it is hot, add your sausages and pat them out flat, so they’ll cook quickly. Then tilt you pan to one side, on the other side, put a tiny glug of oil and place your pile of mushrooms over it. Shake the pan about to coat the mushrooms and season with salt and pepper. Push the mushrooms to one side and then lay some slices of bacon and your tomatoes on the other. Cook for a couple minutes until the bacon is crisp and golden. Shake the pan and turn the bacon over. Now would be the time to put your bread in the toaster. Mix everything in the frying pan up again and add 2 or 3 eggs at different sides of the pan. The egg whites will dribble in and around the sausages, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. Turn down the heat and cook for a minute more. You could also place the pan under a broiler until the eggs are cooked to your liking, but I just fry mine up on the stove top. Then serve it up onto plates. It looks a bit messy, but all the best foods are!


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