rusk & nutella

On Thursday I hit Rosauers for their annual 13-hour bake sale. I got about 40 pounds of flour and 15 pounds of sugar, along with some smaller amounts of pumpkin, baking soda, and molasses. But the best thing I found is this stuff called Holland Rusk. As a little background, my family lived in Germany for a few years when I was young. We took advantage of our location and did a fair amount of traveling, and visited Holland a few times. One of those times we stayed on a dutch cheese farm. For breakfast they served us a lovely spread, but the only thing I remember was these bone-dry-light-as-a-feather round toasts that were perfect for spreading jam on. Fast forward about ten years to when I did my 6 week study abroad in Italy, and I discover the Italian version of these toasts. The Italiano Toasts were square, but just as perfectly dry and light as the Dutch ones. At this point I also rediscovered Nutella, and the two had a happy and long lasting marriage. Fast forward again to last Thursday, when I spy with my little eye a bag of Holland Rusk, and while the name is not familiar, I know exactly what it has to be. I grab a bag and two jars of nutella and throw them into my cart. This was a wonderful day because this is the first time I have ever seen these toasts in The States, and in my mind, nutella is at its prime when it is on these toasts. So that afternoon, during my daily coffee break, I pulled out the rusk and nutella and we had a ball. So delicious. And now that I’ve found these toasts in The States, they will never be able to hide again. I will search high and low for them, knowing that they are here, somewhere, waiting for me and their long lost jar of nutella.


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